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We can assist, handle the production and editing of short to full feature videos on various topics.  We work with videos that range from 30 seconds to as long as ten minutes or more. We can work with ongoing projects with new topic ideas coming in on a consistent basis, or a collaboration effort with your team.  We can make your videos available for consumption via virtually any medium that you seek, Social Media, Television, Websites, and more. We work exclusively with Premier Pro and have invested in the latest and greatest technology that Premier Pro has to offer.

What do we offer:

- Video conceptualizing and story boarding

- Sourcing footage: Live action clips, stock clips, or screen capture. If you need footage filmed, please see Video Section.

- Motion design, animated graphics or text on an occasional basis, or assist with coordinating with other specialists for those

skills as needed (We have an amazing network of creatives, so if we cant do it..chances are we know someone that can).

- Sound recording and editing, voice over editing, and music selection

- Transitions, color grading, effects, and pacing with music

- Optimization and publishing

Types of Productions:

- Weddings

- Corporate Advertising

- Social Media/YouTube

- Full Feature Films/Videos

- Real Estate

- Vlogging

- And More…….

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