Film Production

An Amazing Story and A Great Documentary Coming Soon!

We're excited and honored to announce that we are filming the documentary, Lauren Strong, with Impassioned Productions and Menning Films starting this summer. Lauren is an inspiring young girl and we are looking forward to sharing her amazing story. Stay Tuned and follow our blog to stay current with this production.

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Content Creation Tuesday and Editing!!

We had an amazing weekend and great monday. A weekend of filming a couple of weddings at some stunning venues in the PIttsburgh area, as well as booking several weddings this weekend. Our sale is almost over and we do have some availability still, so visit us on our wedding site at www, to view us, and book your wedding day with us. However I digress, and it’s Tuesday and we are back to editing and preparing for a pair of TV Commercial shoots this weekend. Tons of planning (mostly the finishing touches at this point) and prepping a strategy for post production. It’s amazing what goes into creating an amazing video. I can say first hand, that explaining the process and what goes into producing a good solid video is often grossly overlooked by not only people but often even business clients are somewhat clueless. The filming albeit requires talent, but the real magic occurs and takes place in post productions. We live in an age where everybody thinks that they are great filmmaker and editor since the launch and inception of YouTube. Yes a vlog or gaming video may be successful and garner tons of views on YouTube, especially if you keep up with the latest and greatest games, however the most successful ones either have fantastic content creators, or the folks filming are amazing verbal storytellers with basic video that draws people on to their channels to watch them. So just by those two above statements, it takes a lot of work and some pretty decent talent either way. Now what about EIF? We aren’t gamer YouTubers…..we aren’t vloggers….so if we aren’t those, what are we? We at EIF are content creators for businesses that are either large and or small. We are a group that is constantly evolving, researching, studying new trends in the video world but also the market. We take an idea and mold it into a vision which in turn is planned and captured on camera. Once we get into post, that’s where we have the most fun. So stay tuned for the next post as we will go into more depth about content creation, editing and the creative drive no matter degree ones expertise is.

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2019 Champions and Awesome Letter!

Hello EIF Entertainment&Media Productions,

The season has now come to an end & we would like to take this opportunity to thank you for being involved and your contributions to this seasons success at New York International Academy

If you have not yet heard, the 1st weekend of March, the New York International Academy Eagles won the USA National Prep Championship in South Carolina. 

This was a major accomplishment for the program and we could not have done it alone.

We'd just like to say thank you for being so great to work with, always super positive & professional, we love your style of work and look forward to working with you again in the near future.

Director/Admissions Officer 

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Its going to be EPIC!!!!

Happy Friday everyone!!! If you have been following us, you can see that a lot of exciting things are going on. Some new clients came on board and we are starting a docuseries the first week of March! We have something even BIGGER brewing for the fall. We may be releasing here shortly, a clue….so stay tuned! Please follow us on YouTube as well as Instagram and Facebook to be the first to know!!!!

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Welcome Stambaugh Charter School!

We are super excited to have been chosen to work with NHA and Stambaugh Charter School (Youngstown Ohio) to begin working on an 8 part series that will bring attention to the value that charter schools bring to a community and more. It is unfortunate that often what we hear from the media and politicians, is often either not correct, or bending reality to fit an agenda. We are going to be cutting through all of that. We are going to educate everyone on not only what a charter school is, but the incredible education that charter schools offer. We are also going to be interviewing some amazing alumni of Stambaugh Charter School (some big names will be on the list) as well as some parents and students that currently attend. Last but not least, we will be interviewing the amazing faculty and hear their stories as well. So stay tuned!!

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We had a blast shooting at Luva Bella Winery!!

Yesterday we had the pleasure of filming, not just one brand, but two! We featured RedHead Wine and a local chocolate that is made exclusively to pair with wine…BRIX Chocolate!! We got to work with the exclusive and amazing Chef Leslie as well as the CEO and Founder of RedHead Wine. This video was shot in a natural light setting (so not the best of lighting) but in post we were able to really bring it out, and mitigate some of the lighting issues. We also utilized a green screen background in parts of this video as well. Comment below and let us know your thoughts!