Realtors and Real Estate Companies.......Comming Soon!!!

To all of our realtors and real estate friends, we will be adding a new section to our website that will be dedicated exclusively to you! We will be announcing some new offerings that will make you and your listings stand out amongst your competitors. We have an AMAZING Drone Team that is in the works that will bring professional and high grade footage for your listings. Stay Tuned!

Real Estate Offering.jpg
Real Estate Camera.jpg
Drone Image.jpg

The filming of "Riserva Limitata SpecIal Montepulciano” Limited Edition Red Wine Part 1!

We had an amazing time filming the making and bottling of this limited production wine. It was an honor to film and a be a part of this process. Stay tuned for parts 2 and 3!! Please follow and us and Subscribe to our YouTube Channel!!

"Meet S/SGT Dick Wood"- WWII B24 Tail Gunner, US Air Force.

Its not often that we get to not only meet, but interview a living World War II Veteran. WWII Tail Gunners had extremely low life expectancy during the war and one definitely had to have nerves of steel to do the job. Stay tuned as we will be posting his story on our YouTube Chanel later today. Thank you S/SGT for your service and dedication to preserve the freedom that makes this country free.

SSgt Dick Wood.jpg