Video Production

We specialize in the production of films, videography, photography, and content creation. What sets us apart is that we are strategists.  We don’t believe that it helps brands to add to the online noise. Instead, we find a way to speak to your audience about what they care about in terms of their hopes, dreams, fears, and desires.

Full-Service Video Production

We integrate into your team as creative partners and collaborators. We can handle requests for any kind of video production or branded content. Our lead producers bring extensive experience to the commercial production and digital storytelling space. Our films deliver tangible ROI for our clients. We believe audiences are looking for a connection. It’s our job to deliver your message in a relevant and accessible way.

Production Facilitation

We offer full-service production facilitation for brands, agencies, broadcasters, and large production houses. Over the years, we have provided production support for both national and international projects. We exist to inspire positive change in the perceptions and actions of audiences. We do this by creating visual stories and contents that emotionally engage and inspire.

Filmic Stories

Good ideas grow from a thorough understanding of your brand, message, audience, and media delivery platform. From there, we combine communication theory with film procedures to sell-in brand objectives in a clever, relevant and visual way.

Audience-Focused Storytelling

Sometimes a brand film can get lost in itself, severing audience connection. This often occurs when marketing managers have multiple messages and various stakeholders to appease. Our job is to wade through the competing plans and distill a story that will carry the brand in an authentic manner. A story has been a connector of ideas for millennia. Today, the most powerful way for a brand to interact ideas, is with video. But not just any video, a video or content that speaks the language of target markets and inspires audiences to act.

Unveiling The Process


We research your company, your rivals, and your target audience to create an idea for your project.  After identifying your goals, we brainstorm ideas, content and messaging options within your budget.


Once we know your goals and resources, we assemble our video production and content creator crew with the skills and tools needed to make it all happen in the most effective and cost-effective way.


During post-production, we include your feedback into the final product to ensure that your content exceeds your expectations.  We make sure that the creative process is a collaborative and delightful experience.

Sports Production

We entered the sports production world in 2018 and immediately found success. Our work is currently garnering the attraction of several local venues all the way from body builders to basketball, football and more. We just secured our first exclusive contract with a Basketball Prep School out of New York.

Branding Videos

A great brand video starts with a great video script, whether you’re making a commercial or explainer video. Voice over, music, visuals—these devices enhance your story, but that story needs to be on paper first before being transferred to film. Our creative team can only do so much to enhance your vision, so it’s important to give us a strong foundation so that we can bring your vision and brand to life. See below some samples of branding and advertising work (stay tuned for more uploads coming soon).


Non Profit Videos

Vlog Videos

Vlogging is an avenue that more and more business owners are exploring – but why, and what are the benefits?  Vlogging creates a personal connection with potential customers. The benefit is that it provides a human feel/face to your company giving the customer a more, personable experience. If your a web based business, people feel as if they are purchasing from you as an individual, not a website. We at EIF can either film a series of vlogs (anywhere from a weeks worth to several months worth) for you to post for your company, meaning we film and edit and you post, or you can film and we can edit your vlogs for you to post. See below for some Vlog Samples filmed and completely edited by us:

Keynote Speech Videos

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